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In amongst my rather disorganised Creative brain cells there actually is some seriousness. Here's how I respond to my scribbling on whatever paper I can find, anything from thoughts and characters, to movie ideas, and songs.

Here are some tidbits of my writings. You'll have to wait til I'm published in order to get my autograph so please don't waste time emailing and asking for my autograph. Visit my web journal for some of my musings just click on the link on the lower right hand side of the page.

The poem below Called 'WEEP'was my response to September 11th 2001. I wrote it in my diary as those unbelievable images were played on my television set. It was very cleansing for me and helped me to make sense of my tears.
'HEARTBEAT' was written in response to a sermon I heard as a teenager about God being our heartbeat.
'CRY FOR OUR CHILDREN' was written recently and is actually in the form of Song Lyrics. I'm currently working on the music for it. I wrote it when I was struck by the hopelessness of the young people today living without God and without a future.


In all of life there is a heartbeat that never stops.
In love or hate, life or death, the heart beats on.

A flame of passion, A heart of anger, A flicker of terror, The heartbeat is always there.

Day or night, Light or dark, Hot or cold. Nothing changes the heartbeat.

Nature or technology, Earth or sky, Water or drought, Nothing escapes the heartbeat.

The beating of the heart means life, and life depends on the strength of that heartbeat.

There is a God and he is our heartbeat, We live for him, we live because of him.


Watching their faces

Listless and worn

Eyes far away

Dreams shattered, Hearts torn.

High on a joint,

No place to call home.

Walking the streets

On a promiscuous roam.

Cry for our children,

Their heads beneath the tide

Of a faithless Society

Shallow with pride.

Cry for our children

Losing their grasp

Of a fragile reality

Devoid of a past.

Pray for our children!

Cruisin’ around

Beer bottles in hand

Bruises and cuts

Darkness will brand

Loading their guns

Beating the hide

Depression takes hold

Creeping suicide.

A Cry for our children

Hope bursts through the vice

Darkness shatters around us

A blood sacrifice.

Love stands in Glory

holding peace and rest,

He died for our children,

He waits for our children.


Do you weep, Lord?
Does your heart break when you see
what has happened, when you hear the
cries of your dying people?
Do you weep at your beautiful world
crumbling in the face of hatred and anger?
Do your eyes shed tears with ours
as the pain and terror pales your 'beacon of light'?
Do you watch with sadness as your world turns on it self with destruction and violence and fear?
Do you weep Lord? Are you weeping now?

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I own the copyright for everything on this page, so you know its really not smart to try pass any of this off as your own. Let me warn you...I have a multi-level network of underground copyrighters who watch out for people stealing my stuff. So yeah if ya don't wanna meet one o' my lil spies in a dark alley, I strongly recommend you don't copy any of this stuff and pretend its yourn when it aint.