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Earth Spinning

This little Aussie is a bit of a wanderer. Here are some pictures of my travels.


Can you tell my teeth were nattering? Me in Alaska. Incidentally much of my photography from Alaska is of things like icicles and snowballs....I tried to get a picture of snowflake...can you imagine me running around out there chasing snowflakes..hehehe

We visited Karijini NP on a Mission trip to Kununurra

Me jumping for joy on our mission trip to Kununurra


No seriously....these are my brothers, Bob and Rob. Don't believe me, ask the soldiers in New York. (me and some Christmas decorations in New York City.)

smiling and shivering at the same time in NYC harbour


thoughts running through the mind of a graduating student: hmmmm perhaps I'll take a little walk down to the beach.


me and the little boy I Nannied at stone Mountain In GA....mmmmmm..Georgia....