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Greenlover's Paradise
Green Freak ,Great Facts
Green Freak ,Great Facts
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So the title's kinda corny....Wanna know something about me, chances are you'll find it here or you're not meant to know it.

Me hanging with Spencer, a band in Nashville

I can't believe I actually have to answer that.

Spaghetti nepolitana (just call me sketti girl), a fresh organic Salad and anything mexican (except really hot chillies).

FAVE MUSIC: classical, Contemporary Christian, Jazz, blues, Country(and almost everything else). Basically anything that starts with a clef and ends with a double bar line.

Heaven of course, I aint been there....but they say its pretty good!

FAVE KIND OF TORTURE: I start to hum an obnoxious tune when you are yelling at me or I talk to you in a variety of different accents that make you scream from a mixture of annoyance and laughter.

WHAT IS... ???

Ayres Rock- The Boring song- Chorus goes like this...."this is the chorus...." and then the key change (really off key) "And this is the key change".

MOST EMBARRASSING TAPE/C.D IN YOUR COLLECTION?: New Kids on the Block and Enrique Englesias.

YOUR BEDROOM LIKE? Currently undergoing a change...I'm going to make it look like a tropical island. So far I have this door hanging over the door way which has little flowers and beads on have to pass though it to get in the door and there's a sign above that saying: MANAGER. It's pretty funny. My doona cover is all these flourescent shades of pink, green, yellow, blue and purple and I have these really funky bright 70s curtains with squiggly lines of green blue yellow and white. and lots of shells scattered around amongst all my teddybears and girly stuff.

GOOD STUDENT? I just started a masters and so far I'm averaging about 7-8 out of 10. so judge for yourself.

GOOD DRIVER? Depends are beetle drivers typically good drivers?

GOOD AT SPORTS? Heck no, I am only fluent in one sport and that's basketball...even then I'm a liability because I always seem to play when I have long nails. But I've always been tall and i was good at shooting baskets. I always give a game ago, if its fun I'll play it...I love playing cricket on the beach. But my blood sugar problem means that I get tired quiet a bit so I usually retire after a game or so. Still I manage to make an impact on the team due to my ability to fall over even when the ground flat, its usually pretty speccie (spectacular).

GOOD ACTOR/ACTRESS? Hmmmm....In my mirror I am. I have pretend conversations in my car with imaginary people and we seem to get on real well..I must be a good actor. heheh

DEEP SLEEPER: I've slept right through thunderstorms, cyclones and earthquakes. If I'm tired enough...You won't be able to wake me for anything.

GOOD DANCER? I knock people over. it's usually pretty speccie just like with sports. I love to do it though and am open to some nice guy teaching me how to do it proper-like. ;)

GOOD STORYTELLER? The best...From the time I was born I've been telling stories- "The Kitty did it!"

Would I still get to go to Heaven and can I take that 15 bill. with me?

IF YOU WERE STUCK ON AN ISLAND, WHICH PERSON WOULD YOU WANT WITH YOU? Who said anything about people...I'd want my soccer ball called....WILSON (Ever see Castaway?) and my faithful teddybear.

IF YOUR HOUSE WAS ON FIRE, WHAT TWO THINGS WOULD YOU TAKE FROM YOUR ROOM? Me and myself. or maybe I'd trade with a Teddybear.

Me on a Mission trip in my state's North west.

Just to show I'm an all Australian girl, having a bit of a lark in the great outdoors.

"It is [Australia] your home, the place of your joys and pains, your endeavours and your hopes" ~Pope John Paul II

Western Australia: weird land, marvellous blue sky, clear air, pure and untouched. ~D.H. Lawrence, Australian Author

LAZ Quirks

A closet cowboy(girl) 
I play classical music even louder than rock music and I'm one of those weirdos that sits and conducts to it.
I have a scar on the top of my left foot, a scar on the right side of my forehead and a scar on my nose. you can hardly even see them! 
A teddybear lover- I have 150
I go straight to the green section in any clothes store
Absolutely petrified of spiders
I loves rain and wrote a symphony about rain
I have to have a mirror while brushing my teeth
If i can't sleep I listen to the sound of a ticking clock and i start to nod off (seriously!)
I always sleep curled up in a ball
I onced dreamed of being a Ballet Dancer, but kept tripping over things
I once began a short modelling career which died after I fell off the catwalk
I can write in the dark and read upside down.
I am passionate about young people and the environment
I am seriously into organic food and can't stand the thought of eating meat.

Musical Note 3

So many people- fantastic, wonderful, beautiful, unique creations of God- are locked within themselves, peeping out longingly through curtained windows.~Kay Arthur

my favourite roses