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Holding High the Lantern of Truth
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Who and What
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Asking yourself what is PaThLiGhT?

PaThLiGhT made its debut just before that fateful day, September 11. It began simply as a site to bring hope and encouragement to a hurting world. PaThLiGhT is non-denominational and completely free- we will never ask you for a membership fee- and holds to three main principles:
1. To Put the love of God first (capital letters PTLGT(T- is the final letter of he word First- in case you were wondering) in our Name).
2. To reach out to those who need us- through biblically based resources such as testimonies, verses and devotionals, poems and reviews.
3. To Share the Love of God with those who don't know him- that's why we encourage you to pass-it-on, and we hope our site is gentle enough that nobody will be offended, but strong enough that it holds to the truth.
Pathlight is entering its second year and remains a source of light and hope.


Let Love be your greatest aim.
~1 Corinthians 14:1 TLB


Itching to know who we are?

Visionary and site creator, Laz, had a dream to bring collections of testimonies and Bible verses to the web as a pass-it-on site, much as you would pass on an olympic torch.
Joining with two other friends- Kez, responsible for managing and responding to mail on behalf of the staff AND Peaceblove, responsible for gathering testimonies- in the months following PaThLiGhT's debut Laz and her Team began to putting together testimonies of friends, family and whoever was willing to share their story. Creating a site like this is a huge task and keeping it updated and relevant continues to be huge but oh so full of joy and perhaps a little fear- the fear we all have of God blessing us too much- kind of like Jonah.
While still a fledgling ministry, Laz hopes one day it will be the ultimate site for posting personal spiritual journeys of everyday people. We are all seeking God's love and blessing for this site and we pray you will join us in that plea as well.

To find out more about us go to our Staff Sketches page.


You are not a doormat to be trampled on by the feet of wicked men. Rather, you are a platform to be used to give them a closer glimpse of God.
~K. Arthur