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Meet the staff of your favourite site! But don't say we didn't warn you!

Visionary-and-creator-el-green-freako Laz

Laz jumping for Joy

The introduction on the 'home' page pretty much spells out what I'm about. However, I will take a nother moment to fill your busy life with a bit more about me.
I'm a college student called to several ares: media, music and writing. God blesses me so much through each of these areas and I know that this is how he's going to use me.
The best thing about me is my past...sounds strange but let me explain.
As a child and a teen I had to deal with many things children should never have to deal with- bitter divorce, the death of my only brother, rape, depression, suicidal tendencies and other things.....through it all God taught me that He's the only way to salvation...nothing I do will get me to heaven, its only by his Grace. Someone once said God has to rebreak your heart inorder to make it whole. This rings true in my life. Now I come as a bearer of the light to give you hope, give you comfort, pass to you the light of God. Take it and carry it proudly as a child of God!

Check out my Homepage!


Ultra-cool-mailroom-junkie Kez


Hi!! My name is Kez. I, like Laz, live in Perth, Western Australia. I am a 19-year-old PA (personal assistant) by trade and work for a company called Terpstra Enterprises. I have been working there for about a year and a half now. Coming fresh out of school, I didn't have any work experience so I think the Lord has truly blessed me.

I grew up in a Christian home all my life, so I knew what the Bible was and who God was and things like that. We (my family and I) went to a very Reformed church nearby, which was rather formal to say the least. Because I had lived in this church all my life, I didn't know of any other 'christians' outside of my own church circle. I was always taught that as long as I was baptized in that church and went to church I was OK. It wasn't until we ran into trouble with the leaders of the church that things took quite a dramatic turn.

About two and a half years ago, we were involved in a very evil battle over the truth of God's Word which caused us to consider going to a different place of worship. Where we ended up, I was confronted with the truth of God's word and also the doctrine of conversion which I didn't know much about. I was asked once to consider my life before the Lord and realized that I wasn't as good as I ought to be and that a lot of things in my life had to change, most importantly, that of the way I lived and spoke. I then started to commit my life to the Lord through prayer, and more and more I began to feel the Lord's presence in my life. He worked in my heart that I began to feel and do things I never thought would even happen to me. I now depend on the Lord for all things and trust in His continued care for me.

I believe the Lord has truly blest me and I would now like to reach out and show others that they can have the same joy and love for God.


Totally-funkified-testimonies-bringer PEACEBLOVE

PBL and friend model the latest fashions

What's up, everybody?! I'm PeaceBLove, and I'm not quite as "totally-funkified" as Laz makes me out to be (or as my photo above suggests... yikes!). I'm 24 years old, and I am a meteorologist (a weatherman in real-world terms) working near Tokyo, Japan for the US Air Force. *collective gasp* Yes, that's right... I'm a blasted American. Please know that while my nationality may separate us, we are very much family through the grace and power of Jesus Christ. yes, I am a Christian, like my fellow staff members... would you expect anything else? :ož I came to know our Lord in Vacation Bible School when I was a wee lad (about 7 or 8 y/o). After spending middle school and high school away from church, I got reconnected with my faith and Christ in college. That in and of itself is a long story, so maybe I will add that to the testimonies' page sometime soon.
I grew up in Biloxi, Mississippi - right on the Gulf of Mexico - in a loving house with my parents and younger brother. My mom is white, and my dad black, so that is probably the most interesting thing about my background. I have been able to sit on both sides of the race issue in America, and through it all I have seen how God can change even the hardest of hearts. My mom's parents, after disowning her for marrying my dad, came to accept him as part of the family nearly 10 years later. Now we're all one big happy family (and my dad is the ONLY person allowed to call my grandmother "Ducky"... *hehe*)
Anyway, I'm a lover of music and basketball, and I play the bass guitar at my church on base here in Japan. I listen to all types of music, but especially R&B/soul, hip-hop, gospel, and rock... mostly the Christian version of those. I consider myself pretty smart on Christian music, especially the growing Christian hip-hop industry, so if you are interested in that sort of thing, please contact me through the website (I may have to let Laz give out my e-mail address after y'all flood her with questions about Christian hip-hop, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it). Who knows, maybe I'll start a music review page on here in the future.
Okay, I've babble enough, but I leave you with my favorite quote and scripture. If you look closely and are good with riddles & word games, you might figure out the link between this quote and my screenname. Oh yeah, that's right, I said, "Y'all" up there a minute ago. I may speak properly most of the time, but I'm still a true Southerner! Peace and God Bless...

"Let us not forget that what we do with love always brings peace." -- Mother Teresa

The three Amigos
Last year PBL came out to OZ and we had our first staff picture after a crazy night on the town!

The words I have spoken to you are Spirit and are Life. ~John 6:63