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Okay so this is when I got really annoying with all my friends and asked them for their favourite Christian sites.
Here's the first Four of the funnest, wackiest and coolest links on the web for Christian, fellowship, education and fun- more to come!
Take the poll! Each month we will be adding a new vote caster for the answer you think is the best, be it the correct answer, the weirdest answer or the complete opposite. Just a bit of fun for your enjoyment.


Christian Connection Matchmaker.
Sure its more oriented to finding a partner or help-meet, but its a great way to make friends and meet some wonderful people. is an excellent guide to Christian resources on the web.


Christian Email is a free web based email service like hotmail...only without all the filth!

If you need a book point your browser towards for the best place to buy Christian books online.


Cafe Jesus.
A great place for fellowship and Christian chat.


The website of a very cool Christian band Called Spencer! tell all your friends about Spencer..they need your support! You can sample some of their music on their site and buy merchandise! They are American but I don't want to put off any Aussies from visiting their site- they Rock! Let's help them go global!
If you don't have their CD 'On Calvary' then you need to get it!

Blogging Network: Real-time news and articles from writers around the world.

Read Laz's column at the blogging network, there is a small subscription fee in US dollars but its under $5 Australian and worth the read. Enjoy!