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Just what is Christianity all about?
Calling anyone there?


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welcome to the God hotline....your call has been placed in a operator will be with you shortly.

These days its really easy to send someone on the other side of the world an email in five seconds and they can respond to it and you get it right back. Or to pick up the telephone and dial your buddy's number and he can talk to you without leaving his house and without you leaving yours. Amazing isn't it? But what about God? How do you send an email to Heaven? Hows does God reply? If I called God would he answer?

Guess what? you don't have to wait for God to call you back. You don't have to wonder if he got your email. You don't need to wait for him to log into the chat room before you can talk. You don't have to worry about him being offended if you 'call' at 2am. You don't have to worry about his phone being off. Someone once said that God had ears the size of the universe but a voice the size of an apple. They're right in many ways. God is always there. He's always watching out for you. he's always ready to listen to your side of the story. He never judges your opinion or tells you to shut up. Best of all you can talk to him any hour of the day and he loves it!

Okay so I can talk to Him? Does he even respond? Why doesn't he give me what I want? Relax. God's ready to talk any time and he's also ready to respond anytime. Sometimes we talk to God and Think he's going to give us what we want. We always think he answers "yes dear, of course Dear. Anything you want dear". But God doesn't work like that. Life would be pretty boring if we always got what we wanted. You see, God can reply three ways. Sometimes he might say "yes, this is good for you, I'm going to give it to you." He also might say "no. this is not the best thing for you I'm going to give you something else. It might sting a little but its the best for you in the long run." Or he might ask us to wait. I mean just imagine if God gave every 13 year old their license without them learning to drive....would we want to drive out there on the road? God would say yes I'm going to give you your license but you have to wait, mature and learn to drive first. Waiting has a purpose. It doesn't mean God hates us or is punishing us. It just means God has something better in mind.