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Just what is Christianity all about?
the Black and White of the Gospels


the Black and White of the Gospels | The Jesus Fact File | Calling anyone there? | Something Better in Mind


Generally when you refer to black and white you're not talking about colour. It means something is easy to understand, there's two sides to the story(either black or white- no inbetween) and there's a simple solution.

This is how it is with God's word. He presents us with the cold hard facts. Man is full of sin. Sinners die. therefore we will all die. But God also presents us with another side of the story. His son is sinless. Perfection equals life for ever with God. Therefore Christ goes to live with God forever.
God also gives us a simple solution- Send the 'perfect one' to kinda trade places with us. Jesus dies and takes on himself the burden and chains of our sin. We through his death can then go to live in heaven with God forever.
Sounds like one heck of a trade off huh? The good news is Jesus conquered death, and also gets to go home to Heaven as well.

Okay. Stop right there. Why would you do that? do what? die for a sinner so that I can go be with God? A ha! This is where the fun begins. It starts with a simple word called LOVE. Love is pretty much wrung through the wringer these days and substituted for lots of other things which aren't love. This is wrong....and the reason? LOVE is not all that simple and it means paying a price.