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Everybody has a story to tell.
It may be a story of a dramatic transformation or just a simple story of God's love at work in your life. Whatever Kind of story you have if you'd like it to be an encouragement to others then please email it to us. God works through the lives of his followers and we truly believe that posting testimonies will help those struggling with their faith.
Laz: I have always been blessed by the testimonies of others. Some times it feels like my own heart has been laid bare before a group of people as one person describes what they have felt. I always realize I am not alone. We are all humans and feelings like depression, anxiety, loneliness are very human emotions, we all go through similar things. Its wonderful to bring together sketches of those feelings and see how God has taken human clay and moulded it to fit a heavenly realm. I hope you will be blessed by these stories and feel led to post your own.

As iron sharpens iron,
so one man sharpens another. Prov. 27:17