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Internet and the classroom

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Links and References


Links and books used in this project are outlined below. we have also added links throughout the text, using the standard Notre Dame University referencing system.
Innovations in Learning
Best practise teaching strategies
Blooms Taxonomy
Using the Internet to Research, J. Bourke
170 Ideas and Resources for Teachers
Net Alert: Cybersafe schools
Tripod webbuilding service
Bravenet Web tools for webmasters
Learning to Teach ICT in the Secondary School, Hughes, I. & Kennewell, S. "Structuring Lessons and Units of Work" 2003
Discussion-Based Online Teaching To Enhance Student Learning, Bender, T. 2003
Computers in the Classroom, Apple Computers, 1996
Lecture 4 powerpoint, C. Steketee, 2005
Rochelle and Lara also recommend: