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Internet and the classroom

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Explanation and Accessibility

What is the Internet? How accessible is it?

The following definition from is the most commonly used definition for the internet along with the 'its a huge database' definition we are all familiar with.


An interconnected system of networks that connects computers around the world via the TCP/IP protocol.


The key words in the above definition are Interconnected and System. A system is an established way of doing or finding something while interconnected denotes a subject or group of subjects that are in some way related to each other.

Think Spot

Thought-provoker for Question 1.

 Do you think the internet will eventually replace teachers? Explain Why or why not?

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Because of the nature of the internet- an interconnected system- it is increasingly accessible to anyone with a computer and modem.
Much like a local library that contains a systematic collection of books, journals, references etc that is easily accessed by any one in the surrounding area, the internet is a global version that allows computers (and their users) to be connected from anywhere in the world.
This includes any location aside from your place of business or your home, such as- Internet cafes, libraries, schools, airports, restaurants, cars/limos, supermarkets and the list goes on.